BHD VII-Redux goes back when the story begins, travelling through again the origins, steps and fights between Somali National Alliance (SNA) and US Army, a war that never stops during the previous six editions.
Aidid lord of war, bloody murderer, starves his people and using them as human shield. He is surrounded and protected by his trusted devotees who engage in dirty business with the other merchant of death, his blood brother Osman Atto. International diplomacy has failed, any attempt of mediation has only worsen retaliation against civilians.
Task Force Rangers (TFR) and Delta Force (SFOD) struggle to contain this retaliation, trying to infiltrate to the enemy line in order to capture Aidid.
It was supposed to be an easy task. However after six weeks Aidid is still on the run. Time goes fly, media keeps reporting bad news from the front line, counting children and women killed every day.It is a war without quarters that does not seem to end. It is time to go…
BHD VII-Redux picks up from the desire to capture General Aidid and restore freedom to Somali people. However, SNA troops begun more and more organized and aggressive every day.
BHD VII-Redux picks up from the sweet, heat and asperity of this land, rich of landscapes and fragrances, men, your mates, your fear, your expectations.
BHD VII-Redux , the hunting of Aidid is open.